Tuesday, June 2, 2009


apparently my kids don't really know what this word means. either that or they take it for a very literal meaning. sometimes jack is coloring in the playroom and lucy and finn are bothering him and he will come to me and say, "mom, i just really need some privacy today." fair enough. they think it is a good way to be left alone. a legitimate excuse to be free of sibling disruption. however, it clearly has nothing to do with modesty or a need for the act in which you are partaking to be private in any way. when using the restroom they often times invite the other in to keep them company. other days they are desperate for this thing called "privacy." lili and audrey came over to swim last week and lili was getting her swim suit on in lucy's room. jack started to go in and i told him not to and to give lili some privacy. "how come lucy is in there then?" was his response. clearly "privacy" means to be all alone. if lucy is in there its fair game. i guess i have failed my kids in the ideas of modesty... or i can keep telling myself it is just blissful childhood ignorance...

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