Tuesday, June 2, 2009

"oh, i know..."

there is a certain teacher at jack's school who we have heard a few things about in terms of being strict and some parents have had a few issues with her. other parents like her just fine, but she is the only teacher we have heard anything at all on the slightly negative side about. this teacher also happens to be a little overweight (this has to do with my story... i am not just being cruel...). the other night pete and i were talking to a vdm student who just finished having this teacher for the year. i asked if he liked his teacher and he said, no not really. pete said, "is that the teacher that..." "yes," i replied quickly, thinking it wasn't really the time to bring up that we had heard negative things about this teacher, especially in front of jack (who has yet to have her) and this student (who had just had her). paying close attention to pete's and my exchange, jack chuckles and says, "oh, i know what you were going to say..."
this then took me back to the time that lucy pointed out that this teacher was "fat" and jack immediately reprimanded her and said you are not allowed to say that out loud, even though its true...

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