Wednesday, June 17, 2009

joe's farm grill

this may be one of my very favorite places to go eat with the kids. bummer that it is in gilbert, but it is well worth the drive every now and then. it is in the original farm house of joe's family and the main dining room is their old living room. there are tons of picnic tables outside and it is a fabulous place to go with kids. there is a cute little coffee shop, nursery (for plants, not kids) and produce stand (all of which is grown on the "farm" that is part of the agritopia community) right next door. i highly recommend it. the menu is a little intense, but i absolutely love their bbq pork sandwich and sweet potato fries. finn could not get enough of the sweet potato fries... or the dip.

pete ordered deep fried green beans (nothing i would ever thought to have order) that were smothered in garlic and insanely delicious.

i am telling everyone to go check it out one of these days if they get a chance...

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