Tuesday, June 2, 2009

big road race

this book has been a favorite with all our kids, but especially the boys. when jack was little he knew the entire thing by heart and now finn does as well. i often catch finn sitting by himself reciting it out loud.

that is what he was doing when i sat down next to him and he just kept going...
four big cars, orange, red, green and blue.

"rrrr," said orange long and low.
"vroom," said yellow ready to go.
"grrrr," said green big and mean.

"roar, roar," the blue car said.
but wait! there's one more car. it was little red.
"putt, putt, putt," said little red.

the starter's flag waved and off they sped.
roar, grrr, vroom, rrr.
when the dust had cleared there was red.
"putt, putt, cough," said little red.

(you get the idea... i could go on and on... finn did...)

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