Tuesday, May 5, 2009

peaches, peaches, peaches

we pretended we lived on a peach farm last weekend and went out to pick a bunch of our peaches.  ok, so i think lucy was the only one really pretending that because when we were done she asked (in all seriousness), "can we go home now and eat some peaches?"  finn was in heaven being able to pick as many peaches as he could get his hands on.  a few little green ones got picked, but for the most part he did a good job.  and for some reason every time he wanted to go from one side of the tree to the other he would go through the middle...

now we have more peaches than we know what to do with and are looking for some wonderful suggestions... anyone have any?

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becca said...

peach cobbler, peach sorbet, peach bellini..
i don't have recipes for any of those, but they sound delicious and i would gladly help you get rid of them once you have made them. :o).