Thursday, May 21, 2009

grandad, the weather man

jack didn't have school today and the kids have been very excited all week to have friends over to swim. last night, however, jack was asking if we could go swimming and i said not tonight because it was too late, but that we were going swimming the next day with our friends. grandad was with us and he added that it was supposed to rain thursday and friday. later that night when jack was going to bed he asked me if it would rain and we wouldn't be able to go swimming. i said it probably would not rain until nighttime and even then probably not much. he just kind of rolled his eyes at me and said, "grandad said it was going to and i think he knows because he watches the weather news and you don't. i know you don't. i know grandad is right." the next morning, of course, we wake up to rain. jack looks out the curtain and says, "see. i knew grandad was right. he's like the weatherman."

luckily, the sun came out for at least a little while and we were able to go for a lovely swim with our friends, despite the slightly cloudy sky (and our slightly cloudy pool)...

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