Monday, May 25, 2009

"garth dader"

finn is obsessed with darth vader. he talks about him all the time, carries around our darth vader action figure and only likes to look at the darth vader page in our star wars book. he points to darth vader and says, "look, mom, garth dader." he points to his ship and says, "look, mom, garth dader's ship." and then he points to a teeny-tiny picture of him with his helmet off and says, "look, mom, garth dader got burned." great. thanks, jack, for trying to explain that one to finn...
anyway, my kids are already talking about halloween and were a little upset when i told them how far away it is. jack and lucy have been jumping back and forth with different costume ideas. finn, however, is set on being darth vader. when you ask him what he wants to be for halloween, he quickly replies, "garth dader. with a black coat."

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