Friday, May 29, 2009

finn and butter

finn is kind of crazy about butter lately.
ok, he has been crazy about butter for a while now.
he never has enough butter on his toast.
the other morning we were out to breakfast with luke and allie and there was a ramekin of butter on the table (an unused side from someone's pancakes) and finn kept asking for it. i put some on his toast, but that wasn't good enough. finally he just came out and said, "i want to eat it." "you want to eat just the butter?" i asked. "yes... with a spoon," said finn. uh, no. i did let him have one lick, however, and he thought that was grand.
last night pete was teasing finn about what food he likes and purposefully asking about things he knows finn doesn't like. after finn had to refute about three different foods that he, in fact, did not like, he finally stated, "i like butter."
so, there you have it. finn likes butter.

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