Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Vacation Journal - Balboa: Day Four, Easter!

excited to hunt for eggs, intense hunting mode and digging through the loot...

my kids are obsessed with the house that has a dinosaur out front (yes, this is just in some random persons front yard.  i have no idea why...).  jack and finn always want to go see it and lucy has a strange fascination/horror deal going on with it.    while on our walk to the "dinosaur house" (i know, again with the creative names we give things...), our kids played the game where they read or guess all the street names.  finn loves to point to g.g.'s street and say, "that say diamond."  lucy somehow knows all the ones leading up to diamond by heart.  pete and i couldn't help laugh as she was reciting them, however, because she kept telling us the street right before diamond was "pacifier" (it is, in fact, sapphire).  

and speaking of lucy's common mistakes with words, here is a picture of jack with the statue of delivery..

yes, that is all drool on finn's shirt...

sometimes it seems the most fun at the beach is had when you wander there by accident without lugging all the gear.  we played til the sun went down, then headed back to the house where (after baths) we watched sound of music by "the hotteness" (lucy's made-up word for the fire).    
the end.  

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