Monday, April 20, 2009

our 'peek... aren't you curious' shopping spree!

i know i may have talked excessively about my winnings from this fabulous blog (seriously, if you haven't checked out design mom, you should), but i just wanted to share our fun little shopping adventure...  since we were in california, they set up an account for us at the fashion island store (plus, my kids love fashion island), so we were able to shop in person which is always extra fun.

the store has all these great quotes and fabulous pictures decorating their walls...

they have jars full of all sorts of goodies for the kids... granola bars, lollipops, bouncy balls, little plastic animals, buttons, etc.  one of the cute little shop girls (they were all super-cute, of course) plopped down on the floor to play animals with finn while the other kids tried things on.  my kids all thought this was one of the best outings we took while in california...

and my kids all sported some of their new attire at the park when we got home...  and, yes, lucy is smiling in her new outfit with a mouth full of granola bar... so lady-like.

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