Monday, April 20, 2009

my son, the jokester.

jack has thought himself really funny lately.  while we were in california at fashion island he made up this game where he would walk next to people like he was with them.  totally straight-faced, right next to them.  he didn't get embarrassed and didn't crack a smile.  it made me laugh so hard i thought i was going to fall over.  

the other night i got a call on my cell phone.  when i answered i heard (in somewhat of a pretend deep voice), "hi, i'd like some pictures of my *hee, hee* kids."
"ok, what's your name?"
"uh, bob wilson..." *snicker*
"sure. when would you like to take pictures?"
"uh, saturday."
"ok.  what time?"
"six." *more snickers*
"six is a little early, how about nine?"
"uh, ok."  *stifled giggles*
"ok, so where do you live?"
"uh... uh... on flower street."
"ok, i will see you tomorrow morning at nine on flower street.  thanks, bob wilson."
the rest of the night whenever i talked about how i was taking pictures saturday morning jack would wink at pete or danny and put a finger over his mouth and have to hold back his laughter.  unfortunately, the next morning bob wilson called to cancel because he had a birthday party he had forgotten about.  i asked if he wanted to reschedule, but he said he was in a hurry and would call me back later.  i still haven't heard back from him...

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