Monday, April 20, 2009

my delirious mr. finn

finn was laying on the couch next to me the other night, tossing and turning and rolling all over me.  he was refusing to sleep, but was clearly exhausted.  finally he reached delirium.  he started talking and couldn't stop.  it started something like this...  
"this my spot.  you there.  you my mommy.  i was in your tummy.  my birthday.  i get blue car.  cake.  jackie mean to me.  mean to me at mimi's..." 
"mean to you?"  
"jackie's birthday.  jackie mean to me."  
"oh, because you tried to blow out his candles and spit on his cake?"  
"yeah.  my cake.  my birthday.  lulu.  jackie.  me.  you and my daddy too.  blah, blah, blah...." 
(oh, and all the while climbing from one side to the other of me trying to "get cozy")

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