Thursday, April 30, 2009

mr. finn's first haircut

last week we were sitting at my dad's house and finn's hair was looking like the normal feathery chicken fuzz that it always does.  out of nowhere, baabee asks, "hey, finn.  can i cut your hair?"  finn jumped up from playing trains and said, "yeah!  me have crazy hair like you."  (although you would think finn's current hair was "crazy," ever since my dad cut his hair short finn had been referring to that as "crazy"... not really sure why.  anyway, now finn was excited to have short "crazy" hair).  so finn sat out back on a stool and did not move even half a centimeter while baabee cut his hair with the clippers

oooh, now he looks like a little boy instead of my baby... dirty face, chipped teeth and all...

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