Monday, April 20, 2009

hmmm, hairy men...

lucy is somewhat obsessed with arm hair.  she will fiddle with it whenever she is sitting on her dad's, baabee's or uncle danny's lap.  she is also quite amused with whiskers.  now she has discovered chest hair.  while in california, she couldn't help but play with the hair on pudge's chest that stuck out from the top of his shirt whenever she was sitting on his lap (which was a lot... she's also just kind of obsessed with pudge).  anyway, pudge made a comment about how lucy would probably grow up to marry a really hairy man.  the conversation moved on and lucy seemed not to even notice pudge said this.  then, days later i was driving with lucy and she was rambling about who-knows-what, when all of a sudden she says, "and pudge said i was going to marry and old hairy guy!  hahahaha!  pudge is so funny!"  

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