Monday, April 20, 2009

finn and snl

to start, please don't judge me.  i swear i am not a terrible mother.  having said that, finn was up late the other night and i was tired, so i decided to lay on the couch and snuggle him up and, yes, turn on the tv.  finn and i watched saturday night live.  a skit came on with kristen wiig playing kathy lee and finn just about lost it.  i mean full on belly laughs.  she said something smelled like broccoli and the giggles began.  then she started making references to how it was her costar hoda that was causing the smell (dumb things like, "hoda has body hodor").  when she said, "hoda lay-hee-pew!" and pinched her nose, it was all over.  finn was laughing so hard i thought he was going to stop breathing.  between breaths he kept repeating, "oh-da-lady-pew!"  the next morning he woke up saying it and laughing.  still today if you say it to him he cracks up.  

oh, and he loved the sarah palin rap by amy poehler...  really, i'm not a bad mom... we're all done watching saturday night live... i swear.

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Rebecca said...

you are absolutely not a bad mother because (a) that kathie lee / hoda skit is one of the funniest things ever and (b) it's a taber family tradition to stay up late and watch snl. you're just passing on tradition. and (c) you're an amazing mother.