Thursday, April 2, 2009

the culture pass

we have not gone to get ours yet, but i thought i would throw it up in case anyone is heading to the library.  supposedly it is totally free.  all you have to have is a library card to get one.  it gets four people into most all the phoenix attractions for free.  the only catch is it only lasts 4 days.  i am not sure if it starts when you pick it up or you activate it the first stop you go, etc.  check out their website for more info.  might be just in time for spring break!


Mary said...

We should go do his next week!

Raych the brain Stangle said...

ok sorry, I'm just passing through, and did a search for the culture pass and your blog popped up, and I'm sorry it's like running pass some ones lit window at night you can't help but look in. any who your site cracks me up, and the pass is really cool, we've used it a couple of times it is good for 7 days and starts on the day you score one from the library which is pretty tricky in our neck of the woods so consider your self lucky when you get one cause the majority of the time all the good ones are gone. and yeah it's free for 4 peps at least for the general stuff. I hope you have gotten to try it out. the children's museum is especially nice. esp i think for your kids ages. the art museums aren't half bad although the scottsdale one is a little on the small side. and I wouldn't bother with the frank loyd wright one-snooze fest for little kids. any who you have a great site and a gorgeous family. take care