Sunday, March 22, 2009


the other day finn was randomly trying to tell me a story that had no connection to what we were currently talking about.  it started as something to do with "me, lulu and baabee."  then he went on to say, "go over bumps.  what we say?"  i had no idea what he was talking about, so i just kept telling him i didn't know.  he started trying to put together all sorts of different non-sensical word combinations, but with an inquisitive tone to his voice, as if he were asking himself and then moving on, knowing that was not the right phrase.  finally, he triumphantly yelled, "whoopsie-daisies!  me, baabee, lulu say 'whoopsie-daisies!'  go over bumps and say, 'whoooa, whoopsie-daisies!'"  i don't know why this struck me as so funny, but his whole thought process just cracked me up.  not to mention the phrase he was looking for was "whoopsie-daisies"...

"you just said 'whoopsie daisy!'  No one's said that for 50 years, and then it was just little girls with blonde ringlets!"

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Anonymous said...

I'd say that's a quote from Notting Hill, but that would be kinda fruity to admit that I know that, so I won't.

-Steve W.