Tuesday, March 17, 2009

st. patrick's day block party

we had our second annual calle redonda cul-de-sac st. patrick's day block party on saturday, and once again it was great fun for everyone. baabee had the great idea to turn the carport into a pub, so below are few pictures of the finished product. on tuesday night, we decided to open the pub for one last beer actually on st. patrick's day. we turned on the lights in the pub around 8 pm and within minutes we had 8-10 neighbors sitting at the bar. needless to say, i think the whole neighborhood will be pretty upset when it finally comes down this saturday.....well, maybe not the whole neighborhood - i am sure there are a few wives that would be dismantling it themselves if it was left up for another week.

the temple bar is a famous bar in dublin - below is a picture of the real place so you can see how we did.

finn was a great bartender - always making sure the bar was clean

here is a picture from across the street so you can see the whole party, including the temple bar in the background.

an of course the late night rowdiness.....it wouldn't be the same without some neighborhood stories to tell the next day.


kbird27 said...

your party looks like so much fun! wish we could have been there. next year for sure! :) also, kateri looks SO tan! and what happened to finn's face? the usual?

the Speiers said...

You guys know how to throw a party! I love the panoramic picture from across the street...and the ones of barkeep Finn are so cute!!!