Tuesday, March 31, 2009

"no me like strawberries"

pete was just commenting last night about how we need to start teaching finn how to say things in a slightly more grammatically correct way.  "me like" and "no me like" are big in his vocabulary.  he also still refers to me as "me" sometimes (i wonder why...).  for example, he will say, "me go read book."  ok, go ahead.  "no.  me read book with me."  huh?  he also has this strange way of using the word "on" for describing things.  if we turn the lights off he gets really upset, but instead of saying it is dark, he says, "is dark on me" or "is dark on my book."  and he gets really stressed out when we drive at night and it is "dark on my window!"  also, if you ask him to carry something that he thinks is too big or heavy he will tell you it is "heavy on my hands."  and one last one, this morning outside it was, "hot on my shorts."

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