Tuesday, March 31, 2009

jack's "girlfriend"

as a general rule, we don't watch commercials in our house.  we really don't watch that much t.v. with the kids at all, but pete and sports cannot be torn apart.  thus, what the kids usually end up watching (jack, in particular) is a game of whatever sport is in season.  this makes our 'no commercial' rule a little difficult when the games are really long and pete is up and down from his spot on the couch and the t.v. gets left on.  (especially annoying is that sports commercials are marketed at an adult beer-drinking crowd).  this all leading to a story somewhere (i promise...).  so the other day, i caught jack staring at the t.v. during commercials and told him to move along as i was going to turn the t.v. off.  he said, "no, don't turn it off, i love her.  she's my girlfriend."  

excuse me?  i continued to look for the remote as jack continued to tell me of his love for his girlfriend starring in some windows hp commercial.  (this idea of "girlfriend/boyfriend" is a new one that was recently picked up at school...)  then my brother danny, pete and i all made the mistake of laughing at this comment.  so, it went a little too far.  he said his girlfriend's name was giggles.  i really wonder what goes on in kids' heads sometimes...  so, here is another reason to turn off the commercials.  look what it can lead to...

(oh, and pete pointed out that she looks like miss katie with long hair...)

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Mary said...

No, no, no. She looks like Bess. Let's get this straight.