Wednesday, March 18, 2009

born in the wrong country...

or at least the wrong house. last night at luke's birthday celebration at ajo al's, we were laughing about finn's love of burritos as well as chips and salsa (i think he ate about 3/4 of a jar of salsa as we were having this conversation... i'm not kidding. if i had put a straw in it he would have been drinking it). i honestly believe these foods make up 85% of finn's diet. he asks for chips and salsa for breakfast on most days (no, i do not let him eat it for breakfast... although allie did catch me giving him cold pizza one morning...). pete and finn have started a sunday tradition of getting breakfast burritos after mass. as of late, this is what gets finn through mass. this last sunday, as we were walking back from communion finn started whispering about "brittos" and continued to do so until the closing song started and he yelled out, "britto time!" (hopefully, no one around us found this too offensive...). and so grandad concluded that finn definitely has some burch genes in him and that perhaps he should spend some time at aunt carol's... pete is just excited to have a kids that likes spicy food.

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