Tuesday, March 31, 2009

another jack "set-up"

i know i have mentioned before jack's use of the word "set-up."  it refers to basically anything he does with toys where he "sets it up" rather than actually plays with it.  i have no idea where he came up with this most recent one, but he definitely spent some serious time working on it.  sectioning toys off in their own area, cutting paper, checking spelling in his star wars book, taping down each name tag, etc.  in addition to making these set-ups, jack has also inherited from his godmother a love for taking pictures of his toys.  and to make matters worse, he has become slightly obsessed with requesting that things be posted on our blog...  thus, here you go.  jack's most recent "set-up"...


kbird27 said...

Dear Jack,

I am VERY impressed with your Star Wars set-up. Maybe one day when our baby is older (and actually born) you can come to Dallas and help him/her do a Star Wars set-up as a surprise for Jon's birthday. I think he would be so excited he might fall over.


Miss Katie

Sara said...

that is SO montessori!!