Sunday, January 11, 2009

wizard of oz

our kids finished reading the first wizard of oz book with pete and have since moved on to the second one (they received the entire series from g.g. and grandad for christmas... one of the coolest presents ever). when we were in balboa we all watched the movie and lucy and finn have since spent many hours of the day playing wizard of oz (they seem to have been more influenced by the movie, whereas jack is extremely into the books). lucy is always dorothy and finn is the tin man. he usually just says "tin map" and then sways from side to side saying, "whoooaa, whooooaaa!" (his favorite scene from the movie). and they, of course, have a basket with a stuffed dog inside for toto. we draw the yellow brick road in chalk on the driveway and lucy usually just skips around by herself singing either "follow the yellow brick road" or "lions and tigers and bears" to which finn always chimes in "oh, my." they even put on a little wizard of oz finger puppet play the other day. although, the tin man and scarecrow spent most of the time tackling each other...

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