Monday, January 12, 2009

train-day with baabee

my dad (baabee) has a huge collection of geo tracks that he has been promising my kids he would bring over to our house to set up and so last saturday we finally had "train day" with baabee. it was highly anticipated and did not disappoint. finn literally squealed with delight when baabee dumped the first bin onto the floor. i think jack played trains (including set-up) for about 8 hours saturday. he is already planning that his entire birthday be playing trains with baabee right up until we eat cake at night. lucy enjoyed them also, but was the first to lose interest and subsequently opened a "train store" that sold all of the accecories... a little more her style, i guess.

this picture sums up finn's feelings about the trains...

it just might have been finn's ideal set-up considering he could look up at the cardinals game whenever he felt like it...

oh, and, of course, go cardinals!

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