Saturday, January 31, 2009

driving buddies

this has been finn's favorite book since christmas (it was one of the many treasures we received with our nanny gifts...). i have known it by heart for a month now. luckily, it is the perfect level for jack's reading ability and, being the sweet brother he is, he has also been reading it repeatedly to finn. (yay, for older kids learning to read!) as a side note, every time we read it i say the title and then finn says, "sam my buddie." so anyway, last week finn randomly started trying to rip a page out of it. destructing books not being something finn ever does, i stopped him and asked him what he was doing. he looked at me, said, "mean guy. no mean guy," and continued ripping. i decided just to let him go and see what his general plan was. after he got the whole page out (in two pieces) he showed me the face of a car in the background with a scowl and said, "mean guy. gone." then took the pages to the trash and threw them away. he still loves reading the book even with the missing page...

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