Sunday, January 4, 2009


the night before christmas (also known as christmas eve) we all go over to pete's grandma's house for dinner and then to christmas eve mass... thus making it the only time our kids look nice and "christmas-y" because for the most part no one (namely pete) even bothers to get out of their pajamas on christmas day. lucy was the opposite of this, getting out of her pajamas before being up for all of ten minutes and continuing to change throughout the day some 17 times... too bad we didn't get a picture of each outfit change...

the kids thought it was really funny to ask finn, "who is coming to our house tonight?' to which he would reply, "santa." followed up by, "what' he going to bring you?" "pesents!"

lucy with each of her "Godsisters"...

is it too obvious that someone likes having their picture taken?

christmas morning! hooray for playmobils and "joonmastics" dolls!
jack was super excited about his playmobil knights and we spent most of the morning shooting fireballs at each other... why are playmobils the coolest toys ever?

lucy stood in front of her toys from santa for a whole five minutes just laughing like a crazy person... she may have been in pink shock (she asked for, and received, a pink leotard, the pink car from the movie cars and a gymnastics doll, also in pink)... or it might have had something to do with the fact that she hadn't been too sure if she was going to get anything from santa. the night before as i was getting her ready for grandma sherrick's house i asked if she was excited about santa coming and if she thought he was going to bring her some fun presents (this being a rhetorical question in my mind, of course, just trying to make conversation...) to which lucy very quietly and seriously responded, "i just don't know yet. let's talk about something else." i guess santa forgave her "naughtiness."

finn, of course, only had eyes for the cars items santa brought him... a new blue mcqueen (finn wakes up almost every morning and definitely from every nap saying, "bu queen, bu queen") and a cars book that features every single character... we have read this book way too many times already... is it bad to feed such obsessions? (two weeks ago while napping i heard finn saying "mater, mater" through the monitor and went to check on him. we was dead asleep, dreaming of cars...) one last story of finn and cars. on christmas with his new blue mcqueen finn had to get out mac (mcqueen's truck, for any non-cars fans) and jump right into playing. mac looks like a a truck, but then opens up and has a bed, car wash, sink and toothbrush, gas, refrigerator, etc. on the inside to play with. so finn was making his new blue mcqueen drive up to the fridge and making lip smacking, "eating noises" when my sister erin asked, "what is he eating? cake?" to which finn replied, "yeah, cake. and beer. beer." now every time mcqueen visits the fridge finn says, "beer." i am starting to wonder if our blog readers are going to worry about our kids... (also, check out the super-cool hat finn got from his Godparents...)

nothing cuter than a dad (in one-piece pajamas) putting on a pink leotard, with a headband and hello kitty socks... and thus, the outfit changes began...

these pictures may look like they were taken early in the morning, but i believe it was about 5:00 P.M...

happy boxing day!

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