Saturday, January 31, 2009

the anti-mall

there is this place in california called "the lab: anti-mall" which pete, of course, makes endless fun of for its "need-to-be-different" name. it is, however, a fun place to go. it is a sort of outside "non-mall" i guess. the kids had a great time, perhaps because it was the only thing we really did the entire time we were there. we ate at this cute little outside sandwich shop and sweet miss katie offered to run jack and lucy to the restroom so i could stay with finn. they came running back super excited and jack blurted out, "the hand-dryer was so incredible! it made our hands all wobbly." to which lucy chimed in, "yeah, wobbly, like this" as she tried to make the skin on her hands move around. then jack continued that the sink was awesome and "it had, like 2 faucets and a ramp and pipes everywhere." katie just laughed and said it was an interesting bathroom. leave it to kids to think that is the most exciting thing...

ruby, covered in guacamole, with an olive on her finger. you gotta love it. is this a restaurant baby, by chance?

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