Tuesday, December 23, 2008


one of finn's new obsessions is with tunnels. it all started with the tunnel on the I-10 that we drive through to get to palatte. we would go through it and finn would yell, "agin, agin!" as if it were a thrilling ride. whenever someone would mention going to palatte, finn would get super excited and start yelling, "tunno, tunno!" then we went to the railroad park with sara and her kids and he became obsessed with the tunnel at the end of the train ride (this time at least it really was a ride). we went to the railroad park again this weekend with all of the families that participated in a "secret santa" family gift exchange with us and we could hardly relax because finn couldn't stop saying, "chrain! tunno!" at least he is quite content to ride it once and then just talk about it the rest of the day. that night he was playing with two little cars when pete and i caught him (i will try to explain this visual as best i can...) bent over with his head on the floor supporting his weight (his hands were occupied with the cars, of course) and his legs spread apart to create a "tunnel" and then sending the cars through his legs yelling, "yay! tunno!"

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