Monday, December 22, 2008

rainy days

wednesday, november 26
when you are from Phoenix there is nothing like an occasional rainy day (sorry to all out-of-towners hoping for sunshine...) there is something so cozy about the sound of the rain, the grayness of the day, eating soup for lunch... my kids get so excited its like a surprise holiday you weren't expecting. they will play in the rain until their clothes are soaked through to the skin. and if its not actually raining, they will jump, sit and even roll in puddles. when finn was maybe 7 or 8 months old we got a lot of rain and there was a nice little stream running along the curb in front of our house. he crawled up and back in the nasty rain water splashing and laughing like it was the greatest day of his life. i guess when you hardly see rain, it makes it all the more memorable. i won't mention the time jack hoisted lucy into the dryer and then himself after an hour of playing in the rain...

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