Tuesday, December 23, 2008

"nanny presents"

we were quite spoiled this year with special "grandkid privileges" from nanny bird who included jack, lucy and finn as recipients of many little gifts to be placed under the tree and opened before christmas. they were said to be for any particularly good kids who might need to have an early go at ripping into some holiday wrapping paper. these presents turned out to be treasures of treasures for my kids. jack was beyond excited at the bag of marbles he opened (and continues to be even today with christmas well behind us...). lucy reacted to each little gift as if it were the one and only thing she wanted in the whole world. and finn's eyes would bug out as he screamed "cawrs!" at the sight of lightning mcqueen. for some reason finn was particularly taken with a gold hot wheels car which he carried around with him for three days to follow repeating, "mine. nanny. mine." i think he couldn't believe that out of all the cars in our house there was finally one that was actually his...

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