Tuesday, December 23, 2008

good times with our chicago cousins

the chicago burches came to town for two weeks and we were very lucky to get to see a good deal of them. one day we even got to have therese, mary hope and sam all over to play for the afternoon, which may have been the highlight of the entire trip for my kids... the key being that their mom and dad did not come along. for some reason my kids are obsessed with anything involving going somewhere without me or having a friend over without their mom (also known as "playdates" but i am not so sure pete would like me using that term on our blog...) in honor of this very exciting event, we had to have lots of fun. a day like this truly only comes along once a year. we watched "cirendy" (cinderella) which my kids had never seen and, thanks to sam, has quickly become a favorite. mind you, a movie in the middle of the day is a big deal around here. while watching cinderella, finn kept trying to tackle sam on the couch and sam was trying to watch cinderella, so had no interest in finn's game. i told finn no tackling on the couch, so he tried to get sam to go in the other room with him, "dam, dam. in dere, in dere." (in finn's language the letter "d" replaces "s" "th" and "f"). i also thoroughly enjoyed when therese and hopi pointed out that cinderella doesn't have toes... one last cinderella story before we move on, pete asked therese if she and hopi ever fight like the stepsisters, to which therese replied, "no... except when we get the american girl catalogue in the mail." we also had a delicious tea (hot cocoa) party with the apple cake that therese helped me make. lots of playing and lots of fun.

one more sam story. earlier in the day i had fixed the strap on therese's purse using my sewing machine which i left out on the kitchen table. that evening we were all playing in the playroom and sam found this little dress that goes to one of lucy's toys (it is made out of some sort of rubbery material) that had a rip down the back. he told me he was going to fix it and ran out of the room. i didn't really think much of it and kept playing with the other kids. meanwhile, pete was in the kitchen and sam comes running in, hops up on a chair and tells pete he needs to turn on the sewing machine. pete has no idea what he is talking about and tells him that it is not a toy. sam responds very matter-of-factly, "but i need to fix this."

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