Tuesday, December 23, 2008

gingerbread houses

every year pete and i make jack and lucy a christmas chain (construction paper linked together) to count down the days to christmas. each day they get to rip one link off the chain and there is something written on the inside. it can be something they have to do (clean out the playroom and choose a toy to give away, make someone a christmas card, say a special prayer for someone, etc.), or get to do (watch rudolph, make cookies and hot cocoa, etc.), or something that is happening that day (hang christmas lights, go get our tree, etc.). one of the links read make gingerbread houses, so we invited charlotte and luke over to make them with us. some of the kids were a little more interested in eating the candy (lucy and luke?), while others were very intense on concentrating to make their house look good (jack and charlotte?). either way, they all had fun.

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