Monday, November 10, 2008

"please pass the gramote"

this is lucy's way of saying "remote." and instead of gymnastics, lucy takes a "joonmastics" class. and here are a few more funny sayings of late.
- on october 23, we had tickets to a suns' preseason game, so we decided to take all the kids. it was finn's first game and jack and lucy were very excited (all three kids sported their suns' jerseys). the entire first quarter finn sat on my lap wide-eyed, staring at the game and clapping and yelling "yeah!" whenever the rest of the crowd cheered. by the second quarter he realized there was a lot more to look at, so he started moving around, looking at the posters and people around us, and frantically searching for the gorilla who he had a fascination/fear thing going with. suddenly he got super excited, pointed up toward the ceiling at a giant bud light cutout and yelled, "BEER!" (sounds more like "bee-a" but you get the point). for some reason this was so great, he yelled it about 15 more times. hopefully no one around us was paying too much attention. after the fact, when anyone would ask him if he got to go to a basketball game, his immediate response was to point up and yell, "BEER!"
- lucy has been doing this thing lately, where she suddenly becomes overly and dramatically sad. one day it was because she never gets to see john mcmahon, "i just never get to see johnny because he is always at work when we go to mimi's and i just love johnny." another day it was over wanting a little sister, "i keep getting older and older and i just need a girl who is three when i am five and i just only want a girl sister because i love girls..." and the other night when pete was putting lucy to bed, "but i don't have anyone to sleep with me." to which he replied, "jack sleeps right next to you." apparently this wasn't good enough. "but i want to sleep in your bed, because you and mom get to sleep next to each other and your bed is a square and i love square beds. i just love sleeping on squares."
- lucy was talking about someday when she is in kindergarten in mrs. hundelt's class. she got very excited and said, "maybe GG will even take me unicorn shopping!" possibly referring to the fact that GG took jack "uniform" shopping, but i guess with lucy you never know...
- jack was playing his cars computer game with pete and missed something, to which he responded, "oh, crab!"
- and last, lucy's most recent prayer intention, "for people who don't have money, so they can get money... and a wallet... a new wallet... that they really like."


Katie said...

I love your blog! I seriously don't know what I'm going to do with my own if get his much joy out of yours. (kids, not blog)

Anonymous said...

Like Father, like son. I am sure Finn learned that from watching Pete. Anytime I have been out with Pete and he sees an advertisement for Beer, he points and says Beeeeerrr. It is kind of embarrassing.

As for Lucy, tell her thanks for praying for those who don’t have any money, and for those who need a new wallet, as I fall into both categories.