Monday, November 17, 2008

pixar's cars

so, finn is completely obsessed with the characters from the movie cars. between a few clips from the movie, a coloring book, a picture book and the toys (ok, and an occasional youtube "life is a highway" video...) he cannot get enough. he knows almost all the cars names (my favorite being how he says luigi and guido) and could be quite content playing with them all day. we have the song "life is a highway" on an old cd from when jack loved it (although jack and lucy still do love it), so i dug it up the other day for finn. big mistake. now every time we get in the car, my little broken record from the back seat starts in with, "highway, highway, highway." and he won't let up until i turn it on. today he passed out in the car listening to it and when we got home i was carrying him inside and he started to fuss a little with his eyes still closed saying, "highway." i think we have created a monster.

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Mary said...

I guess you get to listen to "Life is A Highway" as many times and Michael, Holly, and Darrel did on the Office an episode or so ago. Does it get more depressing each time?...or are you just sick of it? Funny how life imitates Art. And yes, I would say the Office is Art.