Monday, November 10, 2008

loving siblings... sometimes

doesn't it seem like as soon as you are getting really frustrated with your kids and they seem like they can't get along for more than ten minutes, they go and do something really sweet. last week, i was starting to feel just this way about jack and lucy. they couldn't seem to play without arguing, whining, hogging, tattling.... you get the point. anyway, lucy had her little abc school and came home with two packs of gummy lifesavers. she was very excited that she had one for herself and one for jack. how sweet that she thought of him, i thought to myself. we went to pick jack up from school and he came running out, excited to show lucy that he had picked something out of the treasure chest just for her that day. what are the chances they would both think of each other on the same day? i guess God is always there to reassure you right when you are about to lose hope... if only they could always be so kind to each other. if anyone out there has older kids who are still kind, loving and sweet to one another, i would very much like to pick your brain...

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