Tuesday, October 21, 2008

roosevelt row

saturday we went down to the roosevelt street vendors' fair with the kids to help support our favorite local breakfast spot... palatte. although it was a tad warm, and the vendors (other than palatte and urban cookies, of course) were not all that exciting, the kids definitely had a blast. the highlights being the jumpy castle and painting t-shirts. my personal highlight being the delicious butternut squash soup from palatte.

oh and finn had his first lollipop which caused an even greater amount of drool to run down his arm. he had the death grip on that thing so much so that when he fell down he tried to catch himself on his forearm, which, of course, was covered in drool. nice sticky purple drool. so he added dirt and tiny pebbles to that mess. he looked like he hadn't bathed in weeks. when we finally unlocked his grip on the now soggy stick he was trying to eat, his hand was stained purple and was completely pruney, as if it had been soaked in a bucket of water for an hour. needless to say, finn thought the festival was insanely fun...

and, of course, ruby was there as well looking cute as always. i am not sure who gets more excited to see her, the kids or pete... christine and ed better watch out because pete might actually eat ruby one of these days...

for split second i looked up and couldn't see finn and nearly almost had a panic attack that he was gone, but luckily he was just hiding under the table... probably so no one would take his lollipop.

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