Tuesday, October 21, 2008

canal hecklers?

jack and lucy for some reason love playing a game where they stand in the fort part of our swing set and yell "hi" to people running by on the canal. anytime someone says hi back they cheer, this seeming to be the point of the game - to get people to respond. so, when luke and charlotte were over this weekend they were all up there yelling hi to all the early sunday morning joggers, cheering whenever they got a hello back. this game, however, quickly developed into luke and lucy attempting to tease the joggers as they passed by. it started with luke saying to one guy, "you don't have a shir-irt!" and lucy followed up with, "eewww, you have hairy on you!" uh, oh. we should probably put a stop to this... before we did, they got one last one in. lucy yelled, "you skinny, you have skinny legs!" to which luke added, "yeah, toothpick!" (we can thank grandad for that one). so, if you are thinking of taking a jog on the canal between 48th and 44th street, beware of possible canal hecklers...

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