Tuesday, September 30, 2008

sweet mrs. hundelt

when jack comes home from school he always tells me about his day in the briefest way possible. i have to go through a series of questions to get any real information (what works did you do today?, did you learn any new works?, what were they?, did anyone get in trouble?, did you get in trouble?, etc.). one of my usual questions is always "who did you play with at recess?" for the first week of school his answer was always different, but since then it has almost always been the same. "i played catch with mrs. hundelt." (and occasionally a little girl named annie plays with them, but always jack and mrs. hundelt). for those who don't know, this is jack's teacher. on his progress report last week she noted "jack has quite an arm" (which i think made his week) and when mimi taught him a game of catch where you count how many times you throw the ball until someone drops it, he couldn't wait to get to school and teach it to mrs. hundelt. i have been thinking this was kind of funny for a while (also worrying that he isn't bothering her too much - the poor woman probably wants a break...), however, today's comment made me giggle even a little more. jack was telling me a story about how as soon as the bell rings all the kids jump up from the picnic tables and run to the playground. i asked if he ever plays on the playground and he said, "no, because mrs. hundelt is never over there, so if i went to the playground, i would hardly get to play with her." i don't know why, but the thought of all the other kids rushing to the playground while jack stays behind to play catch with his teacher, just really makes me laugh. his sweet teacher must be a saint to put up with playing catch everyday in the heat of phoenix with persistent mr. burch. we owe her a really good christmas present... perhaps, a baseball glove?

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Katie said...

Oh my goodness, this had me laughing out loud...for a long time!