Friday, September 26, 2008

lucy's dream house

last monday we went to the speier house so lucy and audrey could play while the big kids were at school. i had a small cardboard box that i told lucy we could turn into a little dollhouse, so we took that along with a bag of fabric scraps over to make little houses for the girls. the two of them were so funny picking our "carpet" and "curtains" as well as rugs and even draping the outsides of their houses in fabric. the fabric was also useful as blankets and tablecloths and especially fun to cut into small pieces for no real reason at all. allie, being ever-so-crafty, even made little ladders out of straws and pipe-cleaners. audrey and lucy enjoyed cutting up the straws and creating different things for them to be (a sink spout, a cup, etc.). audrey was cutting up a straw into teeny, tiny pieces and i asked her what those were, to which she quickly responded, "oh, that's the garbage." what dollhouse would be complete without some garbage? anyway, han solo, princess leia, yoda, a small panda, belle and snow white quickly moved in and had a lovely time. when we got home lucy wanted to color the whole outside of her house pink. i suggested she use paint instead and thus her house is a beautiful little bubble gum mansion. several princesses, fairies, little people, etc. have since moved in and are having a simply marvelous time.

the next day she told me she really wanted to live in a pink house and i told her maybe someday she could.
"can you ask dad to help us paint our house pink this weekend?"
woops. not exactly what i meant by maybe. i guess the thought of having her own house someday never occurred to her. luckily, that too was a very exciting possibility.


the Speiers said...

I am so impressed by Lucy's dollhouse... you should see Audrey's...I think it is a metaphor for their personality differences. Audrey's house looks like it was hit by Hurricane Ike and then tagged by some ill-mannered teens. The ladder is broken and one curtain is hanging sideways. Now some squatters have moved in...twin Princess of whom has tragically lost both arms.

jack, lucy and finn said...

about the armless princess leia, i would just like to add that when i asked audrey what happened to her arms, she told me, "someone broke them off... like lili... but it was me."