Thursday, September 11, 2008

little pork chop

last thursday we had ed, christine and ruby (who finn is also rather obsessed with) over for dinner and pete grilled pork chops. after dinner pete was cleaning up and as i walked through the kitchen he asked if it was worth saving the last half of one pork chop. i said no and went on my way. two minutes later i walk into the tv room where finn is standing - holding a greasy, peppery pork chop and chowing on it like a puppy with his after dinner treat.

i say, "pete, seriously, why would you give him that?"
"what are you talking about?" comes his reply.
"that pork chop."
"i threw that pork chop in the garbage."
needless to say, finn went digging in the garbage (also like a puppy...) and pulled out a nice juicy pork chop and decided to eat it while watching the end of the d-backs game.

christine has since taken to calling him "pork chop."

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