Thursday, September 18, 2008

kids quotes...

here are a few good ones recently:

-after we say prayers each night, i ask the kids if they have any specific prayers. jack used to pray for the "kids with no toys" or the "people with no food". but each time he feels the need to add on additional "issues" they may need prayers for. just the other night he rambled on this prayer: "for the kids that don't have any money so that they can get money...and so that they can get toys....and for the people that are poor and don't have any that they don't die.....soon." it is very hard to keep a straight face, especially when he adds hardships, such as "soon" to the end of his prayer. as if it wasn't enough to pray that they don't die, he needed to add a special intention that they wouldn't die "soon". thanks to jack, those people out there that were possibly going to die "soon" just might get another day.

-finn is just learning to speak, and one of his favorite words is "nee"....and for those that don't speak finn, it means "nurse". it is pretty hilarious when he plops down on emily's lap, grabs her shirt, and starts yelling "nee! nee!"

and the best for last....

-jack and goose love to listen to all kinds of music in the car, including country (but only the fast country...jack told emily one time that i only listened to the "slow boring country" songs in my car). anyway, jack randomly asked the other day, "when are we going to get to listen to the chicksie dicks again?"

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nanny bird said...

I love Burch Jerks! Keep it coming!

The country music story reminds me of a time when Jon Bird was about 4 years old. We were driving and James Taylor came on the radio (no tapes or CD's in those days)"Turn it off!!!",he wailed, I'm a HAPPY child. I need HAPPY music.!!