Thursday, September 18, 2008

free museum days

the only thing that stinks about trying to be involved in city life is how expensive it is. museums, i have discovered, are outrageous (the children's museum makes you pay $9 for a one year old). especially when traveling with kids, you never know how long they will last or how much they will be interested. thus, i have discovered free museum day at the phoenix art museum (tuesdays from 3-9).

if your baby gets fussy, you can leave and not fret over how much money you just lost. if your kids are bored you can leave and come back another day. if everyone needs a snack (don't forget to pack one) you can sit in the sculpture garden and let your kids play in the grass. fortunately, my kids love the phoenix art museum and the last two times we have gone we have stayed for hours (including snack time in the grass). this last time, christine and ruby, mary, zach and jimmy, and baabee all joined us. the children's section is small, but my kids found it very entertaining. the miniature's collection is always a hit. and my kids love the new contemporary wing, the firefly installment ('you who are getting obliterated in the dancing swarm of fireflies' by yayoi kusama) being everyones favorite. jack also loves 'mass (colder darker matter)' which is a series of burnt wood hung from the ceiling by wire and string.

my favorite is, of course, the untitled joseph cornell box which is part of his soap box set... i don't know why i just love joseph cornell... anyway, i just wanted to give anyone looking for a pleasant way to spend a tuesday afternoon an enjoyable option. and, if you do have kids, it opens endless possibilities for silly comments. like the colorful painting of the grand canyon that jack thought was a bowl of vegetables. or the sculpture of a lady with no hands and feet (that i, personally, do not like), but the stone she is carved with has a shiny, glimmer to it, so lucy calls her "sparkly girl." and you can always play the "what would you call that painting" game...

"i call this one pink"

my kids sure love it. and ruby got in some good reading on art...

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is it wrong that i want to eat my child so much?