Sunday, August 17, 2008

so, finn turned one may 14

poor little finn kind of got the shaft without any notice of his birthday on our blog. so, three months later i thought i should at least post a couple pictures... i really need to get better about keeping up with our blog... and yes, finn has a nice scab on his nose from eating it in the driveway... again.

finn was not really a fan of his cake. he hated having frosting on his hands and like both jack and lucy before him, thought it was more fun to feed the cake to someone else than actually eat it. however, a month and a half later on lucy's birthday, he was more than happy to dig into a cupcake no matter how much frosting he got all over himself. he also loves to show how old he is when people ask him by holding up his one finger.

maybe there is something about someone else's birthday that takes the pressure off. you can just sit back, relax and wipe frosting all over your face and forearms...

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