Friday, August 1, 2008

jack's second "lost" tooth

i talked to pete this morning (he and jack are in new york city, which i am sure they will post about later) and jack asked to get on the phone to tell me something. he lost his second tooth! no, but he really lost it again. swallowed the first one eating corn and thinks he may have swallowed the second eating pizza. yesterday when i dropped him off at the airport, jack had his tooth. this morning when he went to show loretta (who they are staying with) that he lost his first tooth she asked if it had just happened because it looked like it had just fallen out. he said no that it had happened a couple of weeks ago. then we went on to say, "but i have another loose one right here.... it's gone!" so, either it happened last night while eating pizza or possibly fell out in his sleep... i guess we'll never know. should i be worried about jack being a little too clueless?

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