Saturday, August 2, 2008


jack, lucy and finn, like their cousin ruby, love to play dress-up. or rather, jack and lucy like to dress finn up like ed and christine like to dress ruby up... poor babies. but they look so cute... anyway, pete comes home many days from work to some sort of sabotage from a wild band of pirates, cowboys, indians, etc. finn is always a good sport about whatever jack and lucy put on him. just glad to be hangin' with the big kids, i guess. kind of like when my sister mary and i used to play school and danny always wanted to play with us, so we let him be the principal. we would dress him up with some little glasses of some kind and put him in "the principal's office" (the living room) while we played in "the classroom" (the tv room). he sure looked cute, however, sitting at his principal's desk doing his principal's work. it's not that bad being a younger sibling...

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