Saturday, August 30, 2008

more nicknames....

as you may recall, i (pete) love nicknames...i recently realized that i have a reoccurring theme when i refer to my kids bad attitudes (which is very rare.....they are absolute perfect angels for the most part). we used to call jack "chumpus mcgrumpus" when he was little and he would get in a bad mood. apparently i have passed the grumpy portion of the name down without even meaning to. when lucy gives me the pouty face, she is known as "grumplestiltskin" and finn goes by "grumpy von willebrand" (or sometimes "grumpy von wille-stinker). because it is now somewhat of a joke, it is a nice way to put them back in a good mood. all i need to do is say, "oh no....did grumplestiltskin just show up" and jack and lucy both get silly grins and forget why they were mad - unless they are really mad, then they get more pissed and yell, "don't call me grumplestiltskin!!!" and then i promptly get out the wooden spoon.

oh, and happy birthday emily......

Thursday, August 28, 2008

wonka bars

i just finished reading charlie and the chocolate factory to jack and lucy last night and today we went on a search for wonka bars and got the last two on the shelf... it was very exciting. the kids decided they wanted to eat them like charlie eats his birthday chocolate, by just taking little nibbles... lucy is already second guessing this decision...

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Summer Olympics, we'll miss you... but we really need you to go

so, our family had a little too much fun watching the olympics this year... it really is just so enjoyable though. the big events to watch in our house this summer olympics were swimming, women's gymnastics, women's beach volleyball and a few of the shorter meter races (100m, 200m, etc.). if jack is in the house he is having an imaginary race (lucy won't race against him anymore because he always beats her...) and we cannot go swimming without all having to announce and watch either "micheal phelps" or "jason lezak" swim for gold in our very own pool... and the celebration that follows the win (they of course always win) is always full blown with lots of shouting, flexing of muscles, pumping of fists and occasional waves to the imaginary crowd. then there is lucy who is always skipping around the house (which i guess she kind of already always did) now pretending to be either shawn johnson or nastia liukin. and a couple times she has requested a braid "like kerry walsh." also, i just need to add that watching tv with lucy is always funny because she is at the "why" stage of life. "why are those chinese guys all playing drums? why do the light up? why are they dancing? why? but why?" also, it didn't help that all the american gymnasts were cute little blondies with ponytails, so anytime any one of them was competing lucy would have to ask, "is that shawn johnson? is that shawn johnson?" we heard this question so many times, it has become a joke. however, as soon as nastia showed up for the individual competition in a pink leotard instead of red, white and blue, lucy's favorite suddenly changed... ah, the ever fickle mind of a pink-loving three year old... moving on, finn even loved the olympics (please don't judge us as terrible parents...). whenever someone would say, "do you want to watch michael phelps in the pool?" he would book it to the tv room and jump up on the couch, pointing to the tv. finn still occasionally picks up the remote and points to the tv, saying "poo? poo?" (meaning he wants the "pool" on tv, of course), which is funny because jack was also obsessed with the swimming in the 2004 summer olympics and would point to the tv asking for the "poo" to be on... how has time passed so quickly... anyway, finn has also added the word "ba-ee-ba" to his vocabulary. for anyone who doesn't speak finn that would be "volleyball". he also loves to pretend he is racing against jack by squatting down in his "ready" position and then attempting to run across the room.
a couple funny stories during our olympic watching:
- one night we turned the olympics on to see if anything good was on and it was synchronized diving, which we had not been watching and lucy became fascinated with the fact that the divers were swimming in their underwear. i explained that those were their swimsuits, which she wasn't buying because, "that doesn't look like jackie's swimsuit." so, after a long explanation of how it is easier for them to dive and so on wearing that type of swimsuit, she dropped it. a little while later jack mentioned that he wanted to swim in races like michael phelps. lucy announced she wanted to swim like the divers... in her underwear. i guess she just wasn't going to concede that it wasn't underwear...
- while watching men's synchronized springboard, the chinese team was up and jack said, "hey, that guy looks just like dad," which made me laugh initially because of course it didn't look like pete, but then laugh even harder because it actually kind of did. erin and i couldn't stop laughing about it for some reason. i don't expect you to see the similarity in the picture i have attached ("pete" is the one on the right), but it was the only one i could find. i guess it's just not the same without the speedo...

- so jack was talking to me (as seriously as a five year old can) about how he wanted to be in the olympics someday and what did he need to do to get there. so i started telling him how those people had to pick one sport and one sport only, to practice just that sport all the time and still it is really hard to get to the olympics and there are lots of people who want to go to the olympics and still don't make it... he quickly decided he would rather play lots of different sports and have time to do other things. maybe that's why i've never been asked to be the poster-mom for the "follow your dreams"/"you can be whatever you want" speech... maybe i should work on that...
- finally, to wrap it all up, we were all just sitting around last week one afternoon and i set my sunglasses down on the couch. jack grabbed them and ran out of the room. he came back a few minutes later with a white sweat band on his head, my sunglasses and a volleyball and said, "guess who i am?" pete and i burst out laughing because he obviously was supposed to be misty may treanor, one of the GIRL beach volleyball players. then lucy wanted to dress up like her partner kerry walsh, and jack wanted to be michael phelps, so lucy wanted me to be misty may treanor and then lucy wanted to be shawn johnson (on balance beam) and needless to say it all got a little out of hand, but we were laughing hysterically and had a little too much fun with it... as you can see... and finn ended up being some sort of crazy synchronized swimmer in his underwear...

p.s. i just wanted to add that the olympics was also a very educational experience for our kids. we had jack's globe out looking for all the different countries... some i did not even recall myself, so i guess it was a good brush-up for me as well. a couple interesting facts we learned... (1) 6 countries won their first ever olympic medals: Afghanistan, Bahrain, Mauritius, Sudan, Tajikistan, and Togo. (2) From 1980 to 2008, Jamaica won three Olympic golds. In a span of six days in Beijing, Usain Bolt won three. (3) Panama and Mongolia won the first gold medals in their respective histories. (4) Pakistan was the most populous country not to win an Olympic medal (164 million residents, the sixth largest nation in the world). (5) Iceland was the least populous country to win an Olympic medal. (6) In all, 958 medals were handed out to athletes from 87 countries, the most medals and medal receipients in Olympic history. And to end with a kind of humorous fact, (7) If Michael Phelps were a country he would have tied for ninth in the gold medal count, ahead of countries including France, Netherlands, Spain, Canada, Argentina, Switzerland, Brazil and Mexico.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008


mary, zach and jimmy moved back to phoenix this weekend from west virginia and my kids could not be more excited... well, maybe not finn just yet seeing as he is having some jealousy issues. lucy and jack cannot seem to get enough of jimmy, however. lucy has taken to calling finn by his full name (finnian) and has been caught talking to jimmy as "jimmian." and jack has big plans for jimmy to be reepicheep for halloween to go with his whole narnia plan... more on that later. welcome to phoenix weisse family!

sleeping kids

so, i am not really sure why, but i love looking at my kids sleeping, especially when they are all piled in our bed. it is rare that they are ever all in there together, but lucy often wonders in early in the morning and jack loves to nap with finn from time to time. i did have them all lined up with me in may when our house was full of guests for the purple and i couldn't help but take a picture. the other morning i rolled over to find that jack and lucy had moved into pete's spot after he left for work and were snuggled together, jack's arm around lucy... there is just something so sweet about sleeping kids that i can't resist. i hope they always love each other as much as they do now.

Monday, August 18, 2008

new york, new york

it has taken me awhile to get some pictures / stories up about the trip jack and i just got back from, but here goes.....and remember, this is intended to be somewhat of a journal for my kids, so if you don't care about my stories, i don't care that you don't care....and if you don't care that i don't care that you don't care, then i don't care about you. tackle that one jerk.

jack and i planned a long weekend trip to ny to go to yankee stadium (the one that ruth built, not the one that steinbrenner built). this is the last year for the hallowed stadium, so i figured even if jack might not remember it, he still would be able to say that he saw a game in the original yankee stadium (plus, i had to test my luck and see if i could witness another historical moment). so along with the yankees game, i decided to take jack to the other "less important" touristy sites.

we arrived thursday evening to jfk, caught a cab, and took it to the upper east side where we were staying with a high school friend of nona (emily's mom) - loretta. loretta has a great apartment off 77th st and madison, only a block and half from central park. she was a perfect hostess, providing advice, books, snacks, a bed, and even breakfast for jack every morning. the location was perfect because we could walk every morning into central park or we could walk 2 block in the other direction and hop on the subway (which was almost more fun to jack than anything else we did).

we had big plans to go to the statue of liberty, the empire state building, yankees game, the brooklyn bridge, st. patrick's cathedral, times square, ground zero, fao schwartz, central park zoo, and the american museum of natural history. i am happy to say that we covered all of the major places we wanted to visit and then some. jack was a champ and walked all over the place with me. and he was very excited that he visited 4 of the 5 boroughs (jfk is in queens, yankee stadium is in the bronx, we stayed in manhattan, and we met up with charley at the brooklyn bridge and walked across right before a big downpour and we briefly walked around brooklyn looking for a place to eat because the famous pizza place had too long of a line to wait in the rain......we did not make it to staten island, which is kind of the ugly stepchild of the boroughs anyway. i think the pretentious upper east siders call it crappen island).

a couple highlights from the trip -

-chopsticks (dumb monkey stuffed animal) went everywhere with us so that we could snap pictures (usually for goose or finn) of him doing stuff across manhattan. he even served as a great football as we walked through central park

-jack loved the street performers - and he thought the one comment from the leader especially funny when he told a girl watching that she was "so black she is blue" - he reminded me about how funny that "really tan" guy was

-after sitting on the plane for over an hour on the runway on the way home and talking to the nice lady next to us about her grandchildren, jack fell asleep on my lap and let a nice loud, smelly "sleeping pooter" slip out....straight onto the lady. while i tried not to laugh, she quietly pretended it didn't happen, continued reading and politely gave herself a fake finger mustache to block out the stench

-the yankees gave up 5 runs in the first two innings before bouncing back to score 10 in the 7th and 8th and win 14-9.....keeping my undefeated streak alive in yankee stadium.

-jack could not stop staring at various people on the subway, especially those with indian spears through their ears along with 18 other facial piercings. john rocker was way off.....he was such a racist.

-i think jack could have played in central park all day every day. mostly just climbing rocks and playing baseball - especially after getting a joba chamberlain shirt which he told emily she wasn't allowed to wash because he wanted to wear it every day.....and he has come damn close.....luckily phoenix is perfect weather so he never gets it all sweaty.

-jack and i challenged a bum in union square to some chess. he told me it would cost $2, to which i told him i would gladly pay if he could beat me......he didn't.

-jack apparently has no fear of heights.....which is fortunate when you are visiting new york, but somewhat scary.

and now for some more pictures.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

so, finn turned one may 14

poor little finn kind of got the shaft without any notice of his birthday on our blog. so, three months later i thought i should at least post a couple pictures... i really need to get better about keeping up with our blog... and yes, finn has a nice scab on his nose from eating it in the driveway... again.

finn was not really a fan of his cake. he hated having frosting on his hands and like both jack and lucy before him, thought it was more fun to feed the cake to someone else than actually eat it. however, a month and a half later on lucy's birthday, he was more than happy to dig into a cupcake no matter how much frosting he got all over himself. he also loves to show how old he is when people ask him by holding up his one finger.

maybe there is something about someone else's birthday that takes the pressure off. you can just sit back, relax and wipe frosting all over your face and forearms...

Saturday, August 2, 2008


jack, lucy and finn, like their cousin ruby, love to play dress-up. or rather, jack and lucy like to dress finn up like ed and christine like to dress ruby up... poor babies. but they look so cute... anyway, pete comes home many days from work to some sort of sabotage from a wild band of pirates, cowboys, indians, etc. finn is always a good sport about whatever jack and lucy put on him. just glad to be hangin' with the big kids, i guess. kind of like when my sister mary and i used to play school and danny always wanted to play with us, so we let him be the principal. we would dress him up with some little glasses of some kind and put him in "the principal's office" (the living room) while we played in "the classroom" (the tv room). he sure looked cute, however, sitting at his principal's desk doing his principal's work. it's not that bad being a younger sibling...

Friday, August 1, 2008

jack's second "lost" tooth

i talked to pete this morning (he and jack are in new york city, which i am sure they will post about later) and jack asked to get on the phone to tell me something. he lost his second tooth! no, but he really lost it again. swallowed the first one eating corn and thinks he may have swallowed the second eating pizza. yesterday when i dropped him off at the airport, jack had his tooth. this morning when he went to show loretta (who they are staying with) that he lost his first tooth she asked if it had just happened because it looked like it had just fallen out. he said no that it had happened a couple of weeks ago. then we went on to say, "but i have another loose one right here.... it's gone!" so, either it happened last night while eating pizza or possibly fell out in his sleep... i guess we'll never know. should i be worried about jack being a little too clueless?