Sunday, July 13, 2008

navy seals

brian gave me a book called "lone survivor" for my birthday. it tells the story of a navy seal's training and a mission in afghanistan which ended up being the worst loss of lives in the history of the special forces. i highly suggest the book which is extremely addicting and very intense. a couple nights ago i was reading during a big monsoon storm when the electricity went out on our whole block. it didn't come immediately back on so i found a flashlight and continued to read. jack and goose both woke up because it was too hot to sleep. lucy went in with emily and jack laid on the couch with me, my flashlight, and marcus latrell (navy seal). he couldn't fall back asleep, and considering i was reading about marcus' training, i decided to read it aloud to jack. we read for about half an hour and jack was very interested in marcus, his twin brother morgan, and all the crazy training they went through to become navy seals. since then, jack sees me reading and asks, "what is going on? can you read more to me?". i would have read him more, but i figured it was a little too intense (and r-rated) to read to a five year old. however, yesterday i put on a shirt that happens to be a navy seals shirt (i didn't even notice). jack walks up to me and says, "hey, you are wearing a navy seals shirt." "how did you know that?" i asked him. he couldn't believe i asked such a dumb question, but he tells me, "it has the navy seals sign on the one on the book."

kids notice everything.....everything......

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