Saturday, July 12, 2008

Lucy's 3rd Birthday

while we were in california we also celebrated lucy's birthday. it being the 5th of july, this tends to be the case every year. this year, however, g.g. went all out and, in honor of both lucy and therese (june 19th), took all the girlies out to the american girl place. it goes without saying that all the little girls had fun. just walking around the store is like touring a doll museum and the christmas wish-lists were rapidly growing. g.g. had made luncheon reservations at the american girl restaurant where your dolls join you in little high chairs and are served their own miniature cups and saucers. the dessert (which is the highlight of every event if your name is lucy burch) was a heart-shaped cake with pink frosting, a star cookie with pink frosting, and little mini flower pots filled with chocolate mouse and topped with oreo crumbs and, of course, a little flower sticking out. it was quite a memorable 3rd birthday, that is for sure. that night before bed, lucy asked her dad, "will i still be three when we get home?" when this was confirmed, she responded, "coooooo-el!"

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