Sunday, July 27, 2008

kids' quotes

a few notable comments from the kids...
(1) jack and pete were planning their new york trip and jack asked if i had ever been to new york. when i said yes, lucy wanted to know if she had gone too. i said no and then continued talking to pete. off to the side i hear lucy ask jack, " so, was i with God?" and jack replied, "yeah, you and me and finn were all with God back then."
(2) we were all sitting on the couch watching the yankees game and manny ramirez walks up to the plate. jack goes, "manny ramirez? that's the guys everybody haaa.... (thinks better of his word choice)... doesn't like." (pete particularly enjoyed this comment). - and as a follow up (pete is now typing), emily said, "well, i bet everyone doesn't dislike him....i bet red sox fans like him." she was wrong.
(3) earlier pete and jack had been sitting on the couch (i swear they don't sit on the couch all day...) and jack asked pete to tackle him later when he "least expected it". a little later pete had totally forgotten about it and jack says, "remember that thing you are supposed to do?" pete, "what thing?" jack, "you know that thing that you were supposed to do that i don't know about. i don't even know what it is. really i don't."

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