Saturday, July 12, 2008

The 4th of July

well, we had a great time this 4th of July in california.  the entire burch family was able to make it out this year (no one was busy having babies or opening restaurants) and, needless to say, it was nonstop fun and excitement... for the kids.  a little exhausting for the parents, but a great time nonetheless.  jack and lucy went nonstop with little time for naps or mom and dad.  between the ocean and the endless cousins to play with, there was simply too much fun to be had.  jack was in the ocean practically the whole day boogie-boarding and lucy ran around in the waves and played with cousins.  finn is still terrified of the sand, but loved the water, so we took turns standing out in the waves with him.

 just before dinner the kids performed a little flag ceremony in which they paraded around to patriotic music, raised the flag, said the pledge and then sang God Bless America. all the parents had previously asked their kids questions about the 4th and America to which the responses were then read aloud. to share a few:
i love America because...
peter: "it's awesome."
raph: "it's a freedom country."
martin: "freedom. and the thing i hate about america? - high gas prices."
bridget: "we have awesome soldiers... oh, and freedom."
therese: "it's a safe place."
charlotte: "i love being with my parents."
jack: "i love the declaration of independence." (thanks erin for the book john, paul, george and ben!)
mary hope: "it's the country of our house."
luke: "i get toys."
lucy: "i love my 'merican flag."

needless to say, we had a blast and we are so thankful for the fabulous family we have and the times we actually get to all be together.


Sara said...

love the pics, except the one of you guys without Lucy's face! It was sad on Balboa after everybody left!

ErinT said...

glad that I could contribute to jack's love for his country. not to mention providing him with the most intelligent response to the question:)

Anonymous said...

Right on Martin.